Farm Fresh, Premium Quality Flower, Concentrates & More

Connoisseur grade medical cannabis grown in South Paris, Maine

Timberwoods Products

At Timberwoods Farm we pride ourselves on our process from seed to the hands of our patients. We cultivate only using organic products along with cultivating under LED’s. All products are hand trimmed, cured, and distributed in UV Ray protected glass

Flower Strains

Cherry Gar-See-Ya
Medical marijuana patients tell us they choose this strain to relieve symptoms related to stress, pain, and depression. The flavor of Cherry Garcia…
Banana Mango
Banana Mango is a frosty lime green cultivar that makes for an awesome fruity treat. This strain could be called “smoothie” with its tasty banana c…
Maid of Honor
The terpene rich flowers reek like raspberry danish pastries, with slight vanilla overtones and nose burning, alcohol-like vapor.
Girl Crush
Attention gas lovers, this is one categorically sexy lady here! She has beautiful purple hues with thick sticky frost rails that encase her rock ha…
Black Jack CBD – 1:1 Ratio
Black Jack CBD is the CBD-rich version of the much loved and appreciated Black Jack strain. This variety also stems from a CBD-rich clone from Dies…
Peyote Critical
Medical marijuana patients choose Peyote Critical for its ability to help fight symptoms of insomnia and anxiety. Peyote Critical has an earthy aro…
MMXX has mind-blowing potency, she is exploding with irritatingly sticky trichomes. The earthy fuel and spicy dank terpenes reminiscent of the mist…
Banana Hammock
Banana Hammock has been associated with relieving symptoms associated with anxiety, insomnia, and stress. This special cross results in a tropical …


Colorado Chem
Platinum Cake

Cartridges – Hybrid

Mandarin Cookies
Lemon Haze
Sour Diesel
Citral Glue
Purple Blueberry

What distinguishes “craft” cannabis?

This isn’t your dad’s grass. Decades of improvements and research into the cannabis genome and cultivation techniques have led to incredible advancements in medicinal cannabis products. “Craft” cannabis, like a fine wine or craft beer, has a distinguishable flavor, scent profile, and effect.

At Timberwoods Farm we hand select each cannabis strain we choose to carefully cultivate to ensure we offer a variety of flavors and prospective medicinal benefits. Dispensaries seeking the highest quality premium cannabis source their flower and concentrates from Timberwoods Farm in South Paris, Maine.

Craft is a goal achieved by few

Craft is evolution – the first iteration is not craft, but perhaps the thousandth is.

Craft is knowledge, craft is experience, craft is understanding. Craft cannabis incorporates all three of these modalities – knowledge, experience, and understanding.

We are constantly and continually studying how to improve the products we bring to you. We consider ourselves craftspeople. We evaluate and select strains based upon THC content, cannabinoid content, terpenes and desired affects. We will be disappointed if your experience is less than satisfying.

Evolving sustainability in cannabis cultivation

Unfortunately, cultivation of our favorite medicinal plant, on a commercial scale, leaves behind a large carbon footprint and consumes an exhausting amount of electricity and water.

One of our primary missions at Timberwoods Farm is to continue exploring and evolving solutions for sustainable cannabis cultivation. Our goal is to create a fully self-sufficient operation on our 118-acre farm in S. Paris, Maine where organic produce is cultivated alongside craft cannabis.

The founding partners at Timberwoods Farm believe we all must do the best we can to leave the world a better place for future generations.

Quality & consistency every time

With Timberwoods Farm cannabis products you can expect quality and consistency in every batch. All of our products are carefully cultivated in small batches to maintain flavor and quality and then tested for potency and content.

We can ensure that customers will always be satisfied with their purchase of Timberwoods Farm medical cannabis whether it is flower, concentrate, edibles, vape cartridges or more. Our third party tested lab results, THC and CBD content specific to each batch of product grown on our farm, is identified on every container.