Timberwoods Mushrooms

Located in South Paris, Maine, our 118-acre farm has a long history. The original house, which is still in use today, arrived on the farm in 1826, some years after it was built. It is one of the few houses in America built and transported three miles by an oxen-drawn flatbed to its current resting site…at least there were no overhead power lines to get in the way. The large barn housing our mushroom operations was completed in 1832. We are grateful that we have been provided the opportunity to continue to preserve this historical legacy, while simultaneously contributing to the community and our customers.

Like much of life, our path to becoming mushroom cultivators and growers was a circuitous one. We originally introduced mushrooms to augment our indoor market garden growing efforts. Our thinking being that our indoor plants  could use the substantial amount of carbon dioxide produced by the mushrooms in the plant’s photosynthesis process.

We soon realized growing mushrooms was a much more ecologically sound process given the reduced energy requirements – mushrooms do not need light to grow like plants do, and the reduction in the huge quantities of water that vegetables require. We also were enjoying both the health benefits and deliciousness of the mushrooms we were producing.

Given all the positives, and not seeing any negatives, we made the switch to a mushroom only enterprise and have never regretted our decision.

Our mushrooms are grown with all natural products – pasteurized substrate consisting of hardwood sawdust and soy husk meal. Additionally, our growing rooms are disinfected and sanitized on a regular basis. All harvesting and packing are done by hand, and the mushrooms are stored in cold rooms until delivery.

We primarily produce the following four types of mushrooms:


  Lion’s Mane



We are glad you visited and invite you not only to explore our website for more information about each of the strains we produce, but also to learn how you might incorporate Timberwoods Farm mushrooms, powders, and extracts into your life in both health promoting and deliciously nutritional ways.