Timberwoods Mushrooms

The earth, when unopposed, is self-propagating. It does not plow itself, it does not bring in nutrients and minerals from the outside, it does not weed. It abhors being out of balance and once in balance is self-sustaining.

It is this model that drives the farming philosophy here at Timberwoods Farm. Using minimally intrusive no-till techniques we are constantly striving to improve the soil-food- web, starting with the soil from which we produce the highest quality, contaminant free produce, in the state.

We use organic composts, minerals, manures, and green manures to grow our fruits and vegetables. This allows you to put food on your table that provides great taste and health benefits for your family and friends. We plant flowering hedgerows and borders to attract beneficial insects to augment our pest management practices. We rotate our crops so as not to create nutrient deficiencies in our soil. We encourage the health of the biological factors, such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa, amoebas, nematodes, worms, etc. residing in our soil, because without a healthy soil it is impossible to grow healthy food.

In short, we are not in the produce business, rather we are in the business of providing good tasting health.

Some of the vegetables we grow throughout the season are:

Salad Greens
Sweet Italian, Thai and Holy Basil
Asian Greens


Oyster (Blue, White, Italian and King)

Lion’s Mane

We look forward in growing (pun intended) to know you. Please enjoy eating our Timberwoods Farm Natural Harvest products and let us know what your favorites are and what you would like to see us grow.

Thanks from all of us at the Timberwoods Farm family.