Welcome to Timberwoods Farm

Maine Farm Fresh Natural Produce


Our Neighborly Commitment

It is our mission to be good stewards of the land and our local community. As a part of our neighborly commitment at Timberwoods Farm we have started a fund to help support the costs of heating oil for local families in need. A portion of all our proceeds will go to this fund.

Our founding partners are also determined to continue the transition of our forefathers to grow local, organic produce using methods that sustain our produce quality and health of our land.

Protecting a 200-Year-Old Farm While
Helping Others

Rooted in History, Farming & Agriculture

Expertise and patience play very important roles in farming and cultivation. It is our passion that drives us to grow organic, nutrient rich, holistic produce and strive to be among the best in the state of Maine.

Additionally, we are inspired by the very unique home of Timberwoods Farm, a beautifully situated property in South Paris, Maine, which provides us with the opportunity to continue the 200-year tradition of farming on this rich and fertile land.