About Us

Rooted in the Traditions of Farming & Cultivation

The History of Timberwoods Farm & its Founders

Born out of a passion for quality & commitment to the land

Timberwoods Farm was founded by a group of individuals with extensive backgrounds in farming and business.

Together they are committed to a vision of cultivating the highest quality produce while continuing the tradition to protect the earth.

This led to the purchase of the 118-acre historical farm where Timberwoods Farm produce is grown and nurtured alongside organic indoor produce and a densely wooded forest.

The land is old, but the crops are new

The three of us, the founders of Timberwoods Farm, are continually impressed with the beauty and peacefulness of our new home. Each of us has embraced the unspoken covenant to protect, to enhance, to share the preciousness embodied in this land.

We are, of course, a business, and our goal is to be a long-lived business, but we will do so in as gentle a way as possible. We envision the cultivation of our organic, natural produce as a vehicle to preserve the integrity of this land. Old Land, Storied History – New Future to Preserve the Old.

A 200+ Year Old Historical Estate in New England

Timberwoods Farm itself is a long-established name, dating all the way back to 1826, when the farm was settled in S. Paris, Maine. We have successfully retrofitted the now 200-year-old barn to be our state-of-the-art indoor grow facility. Currently our grow rooms use radiant heat supplied by our outdoor furnace using timber from trees that have reached the end of their lives. In the future, we expect to have a solar solution allowing us to net 95% of our electrical power requirement, and we will be using the Androscoggin Aquifer for our water needs and recycling our greywater to grow vegetables and fruits in our acre+ garden.

The original farmhouse dates from 1826, approximately 30 years after the incorporation of S. Paris, ME, the small town in which it is located. The barn and other additions were completed no later than 1832, so our facility is housed in almost two-hundred-year-old digs. We are currently retrofitting the barn to house our indoor growing rooms, and the amount of work we have undertaken is extensive. New insulation, new wiring, irrigation, state-of-the-art lighting, and tables. Very little expense has been spared, as our goal is to produce the highest quality, organic and holistic produce available in the State of Maine.

We are also trying to minimize our environmental impact and we are heating our facility with an outdoor furnace powered by end-of-life trees, installing solar panels to supply electricity, and using the Androscoggin aquifer for our water needs, while recycling our grey water into our organic gardens.


What unites the three of us? We Care. A successful business is important to us, but success to us is creating a product enjoyed by all, and being able to share our success with others.

Peter Fleming

The Visionary
You will never be bored sitting by the campfire with Peter. He will regale you with stories of his ten years following the Grateful Dead, his ten+ years and nine different educational institutions before receiving his degree, and various other escapades, such as hiking the Appalachian Trail; but what he won’t tell you about is how respected he is in the business world. And he is too modest to tell you about how much he cares for his fellow human being. He Cares.

Casey Fleming

The Glue
The energizer bunny, she never sits still, always has a project going, something on the stove and 2-3 books on hand. She is the best when she’s juggling multiple balls and striving for some new type of exercise feat (run streak? Marathon? 24-hour race?) And she, like Peter, also believes in “paying it forward”. As an adoptee from Korea, she knows her purpose in coming here was to make a difference. She Cares.

Lou Berkowitz

The Ancient One
Perhaps the luckiest man in the world. Old in years, but young in heart. Here is a person who has seen the world change in very dramatic ways. Born when the TV first arrived in the world, saw the first moon landing, saw the infancy of the information age and its blossoming. Remembers the sixties and running with the bulls in Pamplona in 1969. Remembers Woodstock, the Vietnam war and its protests, etc. He Cares.